the antique city Bargala



The antique city Bargala still remains the main source of material from the ancient period. Bargala city is also mentioned in the acts of Halkedonskiot conclave 415 years. The Name of this city mentions an inscription of 371 yr., Which is a memorial plaque for raising the city's port. The plate was found in the locality Hanche, on the left bank of the river Bregalnica Dummy Karbinci. This monument gives information where the ancient city Bargala was located. The name of the city is of Thracian origin.
The old ancient settlement with urban character called Bargala was located in Dolni Kozjak. This city at the end of the 4th century, served as a military camp of the Roman legions in the conquest of the east. Later was demolished. Residents raised a new city Kozjachka River in Upper Kozjak, as evidenced by archaeological findings. The city became an episcopal seat in the 5-6th century. The city Bargala's was demolished ,but then it was quickly settled. The church tradition of the old episcopal seat continued in Slavic period in this region. More recently, he archaeologists from the Institute and Museum in Stip discovered another basilica from the 6th century. By Bargala having three basilicas. Moreover, it is discovered a winery in the northeastern part of the excavations. Bargala still remains as one of the most ancient historical sites and endless inspiration for archaeologists from Macedonia.



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The antique city Bargala

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