The biggest island in thePrespa  Lake, on Macedonia's side, is called Golem Grad ("Large Town"), and Snake Island (Zmiski Ostrov). The other island Mal Grad (Small Town, in Albania) is the site of a ruined 14th century monastery dedicated to St. Peter. Today, both islands are uninhabited Great .


Prespa lake


The water of the Prespa Lake has it's highest temperature in August, 24,3 degrees, while in the winter is the coldest and sometimes may freeze. The color of the water is variable yellow-green and heavenly blue.


Prespa lake, as part of Galicica National Park, its rare plant and animal life that have been preserved through the centuries, are strictly protected. Boat trips may be taken around the island, and escorted land trips are available under the auspices of the park authorities.


The white pelican, black raven, heron and gull all congregate near the lake so abundant with fish which include varieties such as trout, carp, red finned carp, chub, barbell, and others.


Snake island



The secluded nature reserve of Golem grad is an unpopulated island but still accessible to tourists. The island is characterized by its century-old juniper trees as well as by the abundance of endemic animal life. When the level of the water falls, old settlements from the 11th and 12th centuries become visible.



Prespa Lake

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